The recent rise of ultra-creative makeup has brought freshness and more fun to the beauty universe. In this creative universe, Lucy Boynton’s make-up stands out. The actress’s makeups are ultra-colored and made with unconventional techniques. Different lines, colors, and shapes are some of the details that make Lucy Boynton’s make-up so enchanting and unique. The secret of Lucy Boynton’s incredible makeup success is the incredible talent of British makeup artist Jo Baker.

Jo Baker applies her talent and extensive knowledge of color and texture to her unconventional creations. She always keeps her eyes open for new inspirations. Lines, shapes and colors are the starting point for fun and sophisticated makeup. The British makeup artist shows her creative process on her Instagram @jobaker. Discs, animals, food and architectural formats have served as inspiration for her creations. Everything can be a source of inspiration for her art. In the photo below we see a creation of Jo Baker, who uses brown eyeshadow to create a beautiful elongated smokey eye using the gothic arches as an inspiration.

Here is another wonderful makeup by Jo Baker. The colorful makeup made in pastel colors brings freshness to the world of beauty. The combination of unconventional colors catches the eye and the beautiful execution of the smoky technique brings sophistication and lightness to the makeup.

In addition to colored shadows, a mark of Baker’s work is the use of different lines and shapes. In the photo below we see a disc by Jonny Cash that was used as an inspiration for the colors and lines of makeup.

It seems that Jo Baker has fun with his creations and there is no limit to his creativity. Colorful outlines, with arcs that escape the conventional, or the use of double or triple lines make Baker’s art so special. It seems that Jo Baker has fun with his creations and here is no limit to her creativity.

I was so impressed with Lucy Boynton’s makeup at the 2019 Met Gala. It was made using a pastel-colors, she had a light blue hair, enormous eyelashes, and sparkle lines in makeup. Absolutely stunning!

In addition to Instagram, Jo Baker maintains a website where she shows her creations. Check it out, I’m sure you’ll be inspired and try to innovate in your makeup too. For a freer beauty.