How to thrift shop like a pro in the USA

Conscious consumption is undoubtedly one of the concerns of the new generation. Great, right? We are increasingly looking for brands that are ecologically and socially correct. In recent years we have seen a growing search for thrift stores around the world. A report published by ThredUp indicates that clothing retailing will double from 20 billion to 41 billion by 2022. Thrift store shopping can be intimidating and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips on how to thrift shop like a pro in the US!

Buying in a thrift store is an excellent choice for those looking for quality pieces and with a nice price, but you must select the pieces as patience. I am not a purchasing expert but I will tell you a little of what I have learned in recent years by doing volunteer service and buying at thrift stores here in the United States.

When I arrived here in the United States I was surprised by the quantity and quality of thrift stores. I remember being impressed by the gigantic size of the stores, clothes-laden macaws, and the knowledge that some had books and even decorations.

Pay attention to the tags, the dates, and the colors.

. When you walk into a thrift store for the first time, you often get the impression that we won’t be able to find anything in the middle of so much. But not everything is what it seems. Thrift stores, even the simplest, are organized. Usually, the sections are divided (blouses, dresses, pants, men’s section, teen section, furniture, and home parts). Look for the tags or talk to a thrift store employee who is the first time you are visiting the store and would like to know where the section is. Generally speaking, people are super helpful and will help you. Understanding the general organization of thrift stores makes it much easier to pan cool pieces. Vale also asks about thrift store promotions and discount tags to pay even less. Ah .. usually thrift store volunteers get discounts at thrift stores and making the clothes even cheaper.

Give everything a second look

Once you understand a little about how the thrift store is organized, don’t be afraid to touch the stuff. Looking for stuff like you are looking for treasure. Look carefully, touch the pieces, feel the material, it is also worth reading the label and looking for good quality fabrics. I never look for cool brands, I always choose clothes by fabrics, by different details, by finish and color.

Give yourself plenty of time and try it on

After selecting a few pieces, it’s worth a try, look for the dressing rooms and try it all. Some clothes are beautiful but do not have a nice fit, so I think it is essential to see how the piece looks on my body. I always try clothes and accessories when a go to a thrift store and I start to think about what I have on my closet that could match with those pieces.

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Following these steps makes it easier to find cool parts for a nice price.

-The art of thrifting